Birthday Parties (ROBOTICS FUN TIME)

Price is $250 for 8 kids and their parents to participate in an unique encounter experience. Please call 905-7551100 to make bookings for Saturday and Sunday.

This unique BIRTHDAY PARTY is designed based on the Robotics theme. 2 HOURS of pure fun and direct contact with these FASCINATING MACHINES. Participants get to play with a huge variety of remote control or radio control - all classified as Remote Operated Robots and Autonomous Robots (preprogrammed) for specific functions.

- Robotic Soccer (using Tamiya Insect Robot)

- Robot

Youths will also get to use ROBOT WARS type remote control vehicle to combat each other as 2 teams and each team get a chance to

- Made from TAMIYA made BATTLE BOT Robots


Youths will also have a chance to interact with a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Robot (an award winning robot from POPULAR MECHANICS 2007 for the most educational robotic toy from LEGO)

During break and snack time, an introduction video (15 minutes) of the use of robotics in education, science and technology will be played to motivate the youths to explore their positive learning attitude and application in their learnings in science and technology. Parents and Youths get to be introduced to the benefit of FIRST LEGO LEAGUE and FIRST VEX ROBOTICS comeptition in Ontario.

Each of the eight (8) youth participant under 16 will also receive a CERTIFICATE OF ACHEIVEMENT from our Little Scientist Club to show them they have acheive the BASIC INTRODUCTION to the world of junior robotics.

The cost of booking for each 2 Hours session for up to 8 youths is $250+GST. Currently accepting bookings on for SATURDAY and SUNDAY. Additional participant under the age of 16 will be charged at $25 each.

- Food and Beverages can be arranged (sold separately)
- Clowns can be arranged too (or arrange your own)
- Loot Bags can also be arranged (based on requirement)

Please inquire by email to or call 905-7551100