About Us - Little Scientist Club, TheScienceToyStore.com and BoyToys Store

About Us - Little Scientist Club, TheScienceToyStore.com and BoyToys Store

The Little Scientist Club is a supplemental learning and edutainment center that engages today's children and youths to enjoy learning through HANDS ON involvement in science, robotics and hobby projects.

This type of supplemental educational program is generally very lacking in the current schooling system and/or curriculum.

Our programs and workshop can help direct some of the positive energies in the little thinking gears to the practical component of building machines, creative artwork, application of science and technology as well as generally building up their confidence and social communication skills.

Our workshops are fully supervised by experienced and energetic individuals and all workshops encourage the fostering of creativity, team work, social skills, organisational skills, interest in science, hobbies and entrepreneurship.

Particularly worth mentioning is our junior robotic workshops in which graduated students can have an opportunity to join our team effort to join First Lego League competition. We first joined in 2005 as Team 603 as Ontario's first independent and non-institution entry to enter into First Lego League competition. Our first rookie season in 2005 have given us an opportunity to learn, compete and even receive a FLL Director's award for "AGAINST ALL ODDS"

In 2006, Little Scientist will join as Team 2047 and uses all new Lego Mindstorms NXT to attend the FLL CANADA's NANO QUEST CHALLENGE.

Traditionally if your children's school does not support such a program, your children will not receive the benefit from such interesting group based learning opportunity. At Little Scientist, we foster an environment, capture the energy and brain power from these youths Age 8-16 to cultivate a path for their future. Little Scientist is a project conceived by Daniel Chun (Owner and founder of BoyToys Canada - the fastest growing science related hobby store in Toronto) based on his own previous childhood experience - the lack of help and mentorship from the same people that would normally retail the science, hobby and robotic merchandise. Daniel sees the need for not just a simple supermarket type sale of products but servicing and helping these youths to become creative, learning, respect and if they see the end of tunnel at that early age, that's a bonus. Little Scientist gives learning, community work and career opportunities to the same youths that support our philosophy. These youths are now working in either our BoyToys' Mississauga store or at Little Scientist as part time assistants. Little Scientist is also a community sponsor for Rick Hansen Secondary School's Robotic Team 1241, Courtney Park Branch Library and for our own First Lego League Team 603 (2005) and Team2047 (2006).

Science is something people do. Science is based on the idea that things happen for a reason and the reasons can be discovered using logical methods of inquiry. Science takes the place of opinions guesses and superstition. Science education then, should be a process of engaging students in methods of inquiry that allow them to discover how the real world works. Unfortunately, science education too often means reading about what others have done and discovered. In science education, like sports for example, interest and motivation to excel come from active participation. We offer a variety of hands on workshops catered for private Schools, home schools, after-school programs. Please check for more details at forum. We offer workshops for a few schools and non-profit organisations including Community Living Mississauga. We also have tailor-made workshops for home schooling childrens. All workshops will be suitable for age 8 and above, while some can be introduced to youths as young as 6. We also welcome parent's involvement as trainers, fundraisers and supporters in general.

Little Scientist is founded by Daniel Chun, a professional manager in technology and science. Currently Daniel is a Product & Licensing Manager at www.InteractiveToy.com responsible for product development of all R/C, robotics and new innovations. Daniel is also the owner of the Toronto's famous BOYTOYS science, robotics, and hobby store located in Mississauga's to promote "Today's Hobby Makes Future Engineers". After 5 years in business, BOYTOYS CANADA became the fastest growing science and hobby store in Toronto and has been cultivating a group of young hobbyist to become more inspired, creative and competitive.

Old BoyToys Store (2002-07)

Unit 2, 1305 Matheson Blvd West Mississauga, Ontario, L4W1R1
Tel 1-905-755-1100
Web: www.BoyToys.ca
Email: info@boytoys.ca

To learn more about BOYTOYS, please go to the website, click here

In 2007, BoyToys and Little Scientist will be moving to a bigger establishment near Mississauga's Hersey Center. In parallel, we will be launching the all new online shopping destination website THE SCIENCE TOY STORE (http://www.TheScienceToyStore.com) to serve parents and youths with the most inspiring, fun and educational toys.